Fire Retardant Hessian Jute Fabric

One reason hessian jute fabric has proven popular in so many applications is that it has a number of physical properties that make it resistant to natural elements, including water and fire. Despite its natural flame resistance, however, hessian jute should not be used as a sole provision against fire or as the only safety measure to prevent or stop fire. Contact your local fire department or an expert on how to use the fabric as it relates to fire resistance. Generally, the fabric is used as a deterrent, but not as a universal safeguard to stop fires from spreading. Here is a look at how hessian jute fabric can contribute to overall fire prevention and fire safety.

Natural Flame Retardant Properties of Hessian Jute Fabric

Made from the jute plant, hessian jute fabric enjoys a natural resistance to flames and fire. Because of this, hessian jute is used in a number of circumstances in which fire resistance is valued. For example, display boards or play props in school settings often include hessian jute to minimize the chances that hot lights and crowded spaces will lead to a fire.

Another common use of hessian jute is in supporting building materials for commercial and residential properties. These properties include office buildings, churches, nursing homes, schools, and many other commercial buildings. Furniture, for example, can be strengthened by incorporating a layer of hessian jute around springs and internal frames. Adding this layer may also improve the furniture’s ability to resist fire in certain situations.

Treatments to Improve Flame Resistance in Hessian Jute Fabric

Individuals may also choose to amplify hessian jute’s natural ability to resist flame by treating the cloth with any of a number of flame-retarding sprays or coatings. In some cases, flame retarding agents such as ammonia have the added benefit of improving hessian jute’s softness and it ability to be spun with other fibers (including wool) while simultaneously increasing the fabric’s natural resistance to fire.

Benefits of Water and Fire Resistance in Hessian Jute Fabric

Hessian jute enjoys a prominent role in shipping industries because of its durability and ability to withstand rough handling during the shipping process. Because the fabric does not tear easily, it reduces the amount of product lost to spillage. The cloth also has the ability to protect products from spoilage caused by water damage, since it breathes and prevents water from soaking into goods.

Fire resistance, too, helps hessian jute prevent product loss by minimizing the risk that a shipment of goods will catch fire and not only burn to nothing, but also pose health risks and potentially cost a shipper or manufacturer a significant amount of money.

The benefits of using hessian jute fabrics are plenteous, but water and fire resistance top the list of the most popular.

Industries have been using this rough fabric for decades and its low cost and durability will keep this fabric at the top of the list for many years to come.

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