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Searching for hessian fabrics, follow the pages below to find out more

  • Soft hessian fabric from uk
  • Jute fabric uk
  • Coloured hessian fabric
  • Burlap fabric
  • Hessian fabric roll uk
  • Jute fabric by the yard
  • Coloured hessian fabric uk
  • Hessian fabric for curtains

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Hessian Fabric

We offer:

  • Jute hessian roll in a 91cm fabric format
  • Hessian roll as 150cm wide fabric format
  • Builders hessian roll for brick work
  • Hessian roll 36 Wide , 91cm
  • Cheap hessian fabric open weave
  • Builders hessian fabric standard 36 inch wide

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Hessian for sound boards

More and more people are using hessian fabric for sound boards and speaker covers, this is because of it great properties hessian has to allow sound to easliy pass through with out distorting the sound quality.

Let us know your experinces when using hessian fabric for music or sound board projects.

I found this link useful and a very informative forum at Sound and Sound

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